• Stupid Users

    I.T. vs Zombies!

    A virus embedded in a spam email is loose on the local network of Giganticorp Inc. When opened, it turns the user into an code zombie, being controlled by an evil hacker.

    Now it's up to a group of rag tag I.T. guys to track down the hacker inside a video game, save all the stupid users and then the world.

    No Problem

  • The RATS

    Military Sci-Fi

    All you need is some Ranger's Luck.

    In the distant future, mankind has inhabitted the far reaches of Space with the help of the Martel Star Drive. Now in the outer rim in the far reaches of space, a group of ex-rangers called the Rats, fight the forces of evil to keep ancient alien technology out of the hands of those who would use it for harm.

  • TenPaces

    Sci-Fi / Western

    In the future, much of mankind is left to fend for itself on an Earth that can barely sustain life. Those left behind during the great exodus into space are now controlled by the UEA; a global corporation left to strip the planet of its last resource. Anyone that wasn't killed in the takeover, were forced into a labor system called "The Hours" or live life on the run.

  • Chrome


    In the near future, Earth as we know it has fallen prisoner to corrupt global corporations. Technology rules and those with the best toys wins. Now in the Seattle suburb Little India, two anti social punks and a child prodigy will steall the most prized possession of a powerful corporation. But what they come to find out is the corporations is also responsible for the creation. They were stolen off the streats as childeren, experiemtened on and then released for 'beta' testing with new memories, and no knowledge of who they were.



Dent Technology

  • Software Development

    The DENT team has over 20+ years of developing web based applications and software. We pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions to solve problems with technology. Need something cool built? Contact us!

  • Venture Engine

    A unique world builder and reader allowing for creation and digital publishing of graphic stories. Currently in private BETA, but will be released for a public invite only BETA in 2020. We will launch our Stupid Users series on it in late 2019.

  • Games and Graphic Novels

    We love to tell stories and have several in production that will be released on our Venture Engine platform.

  • Augmented Reality

    Using AR, we are enhancing our games and stories with value add content that you can enjoy with a phone. Our Card Game STUPID USERS : BETA, will feature a digital interactive world explorer that activate when you scan a card from the game.

News & Events

News & Events

Stupid Users will be launching a preview for ComicCon. Check back in mid July for a sneak peak!